Integration of Parental Labour Results in the Pension System of the Russian Federation

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The theoretical and empirical researches and developments undertaken during the implementation of the project are as follows:
1) A theoretical analysis of parental labour results category, phenomenon of its precarity and international experience analysis of parental labour results inclusion in the state pension system;
2) The development of a methodology to evaluate parental labour results (methodological principles, set of indicators, sequence of evaluation);
3) The development of a methodology to evaluate the individual features of parental labour precarity;
4) The empirical research of parental labour results formation process illustrated by three stages of parental labour: pre-school, school and a stage of vocational training (using the methods of multivariate statistical analysis, focus groups, expert surveys);
5) The empirical study of labour precarity features (an analysis of federal and regional statistic data; expert surveys of parental labour entities as well as civil and municipal servants that are liable for its organization);
6) The development of a mechanism for parental labour results integration in the pension system of Russia, the identification of potential problems with this integration and evaluation of its effectiveness.
7) The development of improvement trends in parental labour organization considering a precarity phenomenon.
Effective start/end date01/01/201631/12/2018

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  • RFFI

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