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The project is devoted to synthesis and complex study of sorption properties of new modified polysiloxanes with different degree of modification with respect to platinum (IV), palladium (II), silver (I) and gold (III). The sorption of metal ions by functionalized polysiloxanes will be investigated for the first time from solutions of a complex composition containing, in addition to the noble series of ions of transition and alkaline earth metals, under static, dynamic and kinetic conditions. The values ​​of the sorption capacity of the investigated materials will be determined, their regenerative properties will be investigated. Based on the results obtained, a method will be developed for highly selective extraction of metal ions from various real objects with a view to their subsequent definitions by instrumental methods.
Effective start/end date08/02/201631/12/2017


  • 31.19.15

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  • RFFI

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  • Kuibyshev Research Division


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