Study of the possibility of automated decision-making system implementation for effective management of power grid assets of industrial enterprises using the neuro-fuzzy inference

Project: Award Project


Within the framework of the presented project, the feasibility of development and operation of an automated decision support system for efficient management of grid assets (repair cycles adjustment and equipment operation reliability growth) in industrial enterprises is being carried out based on neuro-fuzzy inference. The study includes the following main tasks: analysis of modern methods and systems for assessing the technical state of electric grid equipment; development of a decision support system model based on the developed technical state assessment of electric grid equipment based on the fuzzy inference method and the data model development; adjustment and testing of the developed model based on the analysis of transformer equipment in one of the large power centers of the Sverdlovsk region.
Effective start/end date01/01/201624/12/2017


  • 44.01.11
  • RFFI
  • Mira Research Division