Magnetic hyperthermia is a progressive method of therapy of oncological diseases. The key point of this method is in embedding of magnetic sub-micron or nano-sized magnetic particles, covered with special bioactive layers, into the tumor region of organism. Because of the bioactive layers, the tumor cells capture the particles. Then an oscillating (rotating) magnetic field is applied to the tumor. Under the field action, the particles, therefore the tumor cells, are heated. If temperature of the cell exceeds 41-42C, it dies. It is a principally important that the temperature resistance of the healthy cells is higher than that of the tumor ones and they are not destruct up to 50-52C. This provides a temperature corridor, where the tumor cells are killed; the healthy ones are in normal state.
The advantages of the hyperthermia approach as compared with the traditional methods of chemical and radiation therapy is its address and local character as well as the low probability of negative events. Indeed, under the field only the tumor cells are destroyed and only in the place of the field action. Experiments show that if the hyperthermia attack does not kill all tumor cells, it significantly weakens them and the chemical and radiation therapy can be used in much more “soft” regime.
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