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Semigroup theory is one of the most extensive and dynamically developing part of general algebra. Its ideas and methods find numerous applications in almost all other branches of algebra and in many directions of discrete mathematics (for example, in the theory of formal languages ​​and the theory of automata). One of the fields of general algebra that is closely related to the theory of semigroups is the theory of associative rings and algebras. The aim of the project is to combine research on the theory of semigroups and related types of algebras, first of all associative rings and algebras, with a special emphasis on those aspects of the theory that find applications in computer science. Among the main directions in which the research will be developed are the structural properties of nilsemigroups, cross-sections of transformation semigroups by Green relations, semigroup identities, subepigroup lattices, word equality in epigroup varieties, lattices of semigroup, epigroup or monoid varieties, structural properties of varieties of associative rings and algebras.
Effective start/end date01/01/201731/12/2019


  • 27.17.15

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  • RFFI

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  • Kuibyshev Research Division


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