Development of new processes of hydrochemical leaching of hard-to-open polymetallic sulphide materials followed by selective separation of valuable components into separate high-quality products

Project: Award Project


Studies of the process of sulfating firing of hard-to-open copper-zinc sulfide raw materials were carried out. The process of oxidative-chlorinating firing of dispersed and granulated charge of low-grade copper-containing concentrate is investigated. A mathematical model is proposed to describe the nitric acid leaching of multicomponent sulfide industrial products, according to which the kinetics of the process is influenced by: the concentration of nitric acid, the structure and surface area of the leached sulfide, the approximation of the system to equilibrium when the liquid phase is saturated with reaction products. The research of leaching process of the burnt draft copper-containing concentrate in sulphate-chloride solutions with further separation of valuable components by sorption and production of commercial products is carried out.
Effective start/end date03/12/201531/12/2018


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  • RFFI
  • Mira Research Division