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Relevance of research topic is determined by the current controversy between the declared importance of the role of the educational environment in the formation of the professional ethos of an engineer and unsatisfactory level of study of this conditionality, lack of development of specific technologies to optimize interactions in the situation of qualitative changes of the educational landscape of engineering education. In the situation of the Russian value vacuum immeasurably enhanced role and importance of professional and ethical values, regulating not only employment, but also penetrate into the everyday life of professionals.
Particular importance is the study of the role and capabilities of actors of the educational environment in the formation of moral and ethical and professional values of a new generation of specialists in the field of engineering, a key profession in postindustrial society, which determines its innovative potential and further development trajectory.
Within the developed conceptual model of the study for the period of the project is planned to obtain the following results:
1. Systematization and evaluation of experience designing problems of innovative educational landscape, in industrial region high school, releasштп engineers, Ural Federal University.
2. The features of the flow of transformation processes in the academic environment of the professional community (professors of university and a cluster of young university teachers) in terms of the formation of the new group and individual identity, self-organization of corporate community
3. Identified problems of recruitment potential staffing of a new generation of modern engineers, features and trends in their socio-cultural and socio-demographic profile on the basis of data monitoring surveys of engineering students, entrants and high school students who chose to study in physics and mathematics classes.
Effective start/end date28/04/201631/12/2017


  • 04.41.61

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  • RFFI

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  • Kuibyshev Research Division


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