Translated title of the contribution: Moisture content - the factor of the CO 2 emission activity of woody debris

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We studied the links between moisture content and CO 2 emission activity of mycetogenic decomposition of the woody debris in sub-forest-steppe and southern taiga of the Middle Urals. The 12 cm long and 5 cm in diameter samples of debris were collected from the fragments of the dead fallen or standing leaved trees (Alnus incana, Betulapendula, Padus avium, Populus tremula, Salix sp.) or conifers (Abies sibirica, Picea obovata, Pinus sylvestris). Basidiocarpes of one of the 42 species of lignin- and cellulose- destructing xylotrophous fungi were in the center of each sample. There were 137 debris samples analyzed, with 94 leaved, and 43 conifers; with 95 having white rot, and 42 having brown rot. CO 2 emission activity of debris and consumption of O 2 was measured with CO 2/O 2 gas-analyzer having accuracy of ±20 ppm of CO 2 and ±0.2% vol. of O 2. We found that CO 2 emission activity of the woody debris is significantly controlled by the water content, with every 10% of the moisture content growth doubling the CO 2 emission, reaching the maximum at 55-70%. Water content of the conifers debris did not differ from the leaved trees, and not related to the woody debris size or the species of fungal destructors. It is weakly related to the fungal type (with the higher moisture content of the woody debris having the white rot) and closely linked to debris destruction. Positive feedbacks between CO 2 emission activity, moisture content and the stage of debris destruction make the mycetogenic decomposition a self-accelerating process which stables at maximum rate at 55-70% of relative moisture content of the woody debris
Translated title of the contributionMoisture content - the factor of the CO 2 emission activity of woody debris
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