Кислотостойкая композиция для ремонта эмалевых покрытий: патент на изобретение

Translated title of the contribution: ACID-PROOF COMPOSITION FOR REPAIR OF ENAMEL COATING: patent of invention

Research output: Patent


FIELD: chemistry.
SUBSTANCE: invention relates to repair damages and protection against corrosion in point of glasslined coatings damage in process equipment of chemical enterprises, systems of pipelines, other equipment of technical purpose and may be used at chemical and metallurgical industry, including using enameled pipes for circulation of fluid with acidic medium. Acid-proof composition containing sodium silicofluoride, contains liquid sodium glass with density of 1.38 g/cm3, as acid-resistant filler is Reftinskaya TPP ash and additionally are iron (III) oxide and magnesium oxide, with following ratio of components, wt%: liquid sodium glass is 37, sodium silicofluoride is 3, Reftinskaya TPP ash is 42-43, magnesium oxide is 1-3, iron (III) oxide is 15-16.
EFFECT: high thermal stability and moisture resistance, low porosity.
Translated title of the contributionACID-PROOF COMPOSITION FOR REPAIR OF ENAMEL COATING: patent of invention
Original languageRussian
Patent number2587678
IPCC04B 28/26,C23D 13/02,C04B 111/20,C04B 111/23,C04B 111/27,C04B 111/72
Filing date18/12/2014
Publication statusPublished - 20 Jun 2016


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