Translated title of the contribution: Methodological basics of national economy’s management

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This article considers the methodological problems of national economy’s management, where economic laws hold the first place. In the structural hierarchical system there is a ranging of laws and the mechanism of their application in economic practice. The law of growing requirements is considered as dominating, it reflects the aims of social production at each stage of national economy development and necessary correction according to changing of consumer preferences. In every economic system the violation of at least one law or macroeconomic proportion leads to breach and deformation of the whole system. The law of systematic development, acting at all the stages of society’s development, doesn’t contradict and opposed to the laws of market economy because it is realized in practice not in the form of directive orders to economic subjects, but indicative one by means of price tools, developing of aim programs and recommendations. This law is realized in practice by means of active budget and tax policy and direct collaboration of state in the realization of national and sectoral projects. Significant contribution in stable national economy in the conditions of limited resources can be done by ranging of priorities of economical and social development, which is presented by the authors in the form of seven departments of public reproduction. In this ranging science and development hold the first and the second places, the third and fourth are infrastructure and electricity, the fifth and sixth are producing of production means and producing of consumer subjects, the last place is for spiritual production. Science and scientific service become not only productive power, but also main production power of society, defining development of all the departments in the suggested ranging.
Translated title of the contributionMethodological basics of national economy’s management
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Publication statusPublished - 2014



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