Translated title of the contribution: Ontological foundations for ethics: from S. L. Rubinstein’s idea to its realization

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Introduction. The article describes the authors’ experience of “inquiring reading” and understanding the philosophical heritage of the largest Russian psychologist and thinker Sergei Rubenstein. The basic ideas of causal relationship between mental phenomena and existence are reflected upon, and the onto-gnoseological and moral-ethical bases of psychology and philosophy are analyzed. The aim of the study is to reconstruct ontological justification of moral and ethical problems on the basis of historical and philosophical analyzing S.L. Rubenstein’s works and diaries of different periods. Methods. The authors use the following general scientific methods: generalization, structural-functional analysis, system and comparative analysis. Scientific novelty of the research. The project of ontological justification of moral and ethical issues is highly relevant for modern culture, to understand the current state and prospects of Russian society development a rapidly globalizing world. Results. In our transitional times, in the age of disunity and uncertainty, there is undoubtedly an increasing necessity to revive the synthetic philosophy which integrates the answers to problematic questions, such as the question of the place of another person in my life (another person only as a means, an instrument, or as the purpose of my activities); the question of another person’s existence as a condition for my existence; the question of determining human behaviour, the value system. Conclusions. In today’s market economy, when ethics issues take a back seat, an ontological ethics project based on the ideas and methodological principles proposed by S.L. Rubenstein can become an important factor in rethinking the fundamental grounds of the relationship between different spheres of economic, political and spiritual spheres of society, which will make it possible to achieve positive heuristic potential.
Translated title of the contributionOntological foundations for ethics: from S. L. Rubinstein’s idea to its realization
Original languageRussian
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JournalСоциум и власть
Issue number6 (80)
Publication statusPublished - 2019


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