Поэтика повседневной детали в цикле Ю. В. Трифонова «Опрокинутый дом»

Translated title of the contribution: Poetics of everyday detail in Yu. V. Trifonov’s cycle “Overturned house”

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"The article analyses the poetics of everyday detail based on the cycle of the stories by Yu. V. Trifonov “Overturned house” (1980). The creative practice of the writer has demonstrated that “small” form of the story was always preceded by “big” - the story or the novel. The poetics is changed along with the form: narrative organization, composition and functions of everyday detail. Multi-detailed world in the last cycle Yu. Trifonov collapses to a “point” of details that reflect not only the part of everyday life but rather reflect the era. Details cover the memories, the feelings, people, cities. Therefore, the functioning of everyday detail is changed. Thus, the analysis of the stories of the cycle showed that the “rolled” detail organizes the space-time extent of the cycle; integrates, combines Time and Place, ensuring the unity of these categories; promotes the formation of “formulas of existence” - certain existential laws, universal meanings derived from everyday experience. Functions of “rolled” detail allow to speak about “compacted” structure of the text and about “formulas” as the dominant of poetics of “late” works by Yu. Trifonov."
Translated title of the contributionPoetics of everyday detail in Yu. V. Trifonov’s cycle “Overturned house”
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)76-80
Number of pages5
JournalВестник Вятского государственного университета
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2017

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