Резистивный материал: патент на изобретение

Translated title of the contribution: RESISTIVE MATERIAL: patent of invention

Research output: Patent


FIELD: radio engineering, communication.
SUBSTANCE: material further includes copper selenide of the empirical formula: (Ag2Se)x·(Cu2Se)(1-x)·(As2Se3)·(GeSe)2, where 0.6≤x≤0.95. The material provides an operating temperature range of 10-150°C, resistivity relaxation time of 15-650 s and high resistivity of up to 105-107 ohm·m.
EFFECT: improved properties of the material.
Translated title of the contributionRESISTIVE MATERIAL: patent of invention
Original languageRussian
Patent number2533551
IPCH01C 7/00,C01B 19/00
Filing date23/07/2013
Publication statusPublished - 20 Nov 2014


  • 29.19.00


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