Реконфигурирование бортовой вычислительной машины для повышения отказоустойчивости

Translated title of the contribution: Reconfiguring the on-board computer to increase stability in case of failure

Алексей Валерьевич Сарапулов, Алексей Борисович Уманский

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The article examines the problem of increasing the stability of the onboard computer compact unmanned aerial vehicle in case of failure. The problem of the use of traditional redundant structure and its disadvantages was under review. We offer organization of computing process on the basis of already used the onboard digital computer (OBDC) with a clear interaction. Board computer is based on the main-modular. It is based on a reliable three channel system module (SM). We pose the following problem: used board computer does not allow the use of computing modules (CM) required performance. Thus, there is a need for multiple CM, which are distributed parallel system. The algorithm of redistribution of tasks requires a dynamic sequence diagrams, and SM distributes tasks to perform in real time. Each sequence diagram is given strictly defined time limit. With the condition of the length of the cycle SM is half the length of the external subscribers cycles, achieved no omissions of relevant information. The programming code of the functional tasks is written in all the computing modules. The ability to solve the same tasks on different devices is achieved through the distribution of the stack with intermediate data between all CM. Completing the performance of a tasks computer generates a signal for claim line. It needs to check the status registers of CM seeking the released. His stack SM copies to all the other devices and sets the following priorities tasks. This algorithm makes sense in cases where the unit, which has a failure, is expected by the operator at the base, instead of continuing the full functioning. The return of the entire apparatus enables reuse of its constituent parts. This decision sets another problem: the precise definition of equipment failures. The control system includes a number of ways to determine the fault.
Translated title of the contributionReconfiguring the on-board computer to increase stability in case of failure
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)59-62
Number of pages4
JournalВестник Томского государственного университета. Управление, вычислительная техника и информатика
Issue number38
Publication statusPublished - 2017



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