Способ цианистого выщелачивания золота и серебра: патент на изобретение

Translated title of the contribution: METHOD OF CYANIC LEACHING OF GOLD AND SILVER: patent of invention

Владимир Геннадьевич Лобанов (Inventor), Евгений Иванович Тимофеев (Inventor), Ф. М. Набиуллин (Inventor), В. Б. Начаров (Inventor), Александр Витальевич Третьяков (Inventor), Николай Александрович Филонов (Inventor), Сергей Валерьевич Миков (Inventor), Владимир Николаевич Горбут (Inventor), Ольга Юрьевна Маковская (Inventor), Александр Михайлович Старков (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


FIELD: metallurgy.
SUBSTANCE: method can be used in processing of raw materials of noble metals, in particular, in cyanic leaching of gold and silver from ores and concentrates. The feedstock is treated with a leaching solution containing a cyanide and an oxidizer, which is replaced by oxygen substitutes, for example, hydrogen peroxide. The oxidizer is added in amount sufficient for the oxidation-reduction potential of the leaching solution (-0.3)÷(-0.5) V. The concentration of cyanide in the leaching solution is 1-10 g/l. The leaching is carried out at a temperature of 40-60°C.
EFFECT: as a result, the rate of metal dissolution increases by 2-3 times in comparison with the traditional modes.
Translated title of the contributionMETHOD OF CYANIC LEACHING OF GOLD AND SILVER: patent of invention
Original languageRussian
Patent number2624751
IPCC22B 11/08
Filing date11/04/2016
Publication statusPublished - 6 Jul 2017


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