Устройство для монтажа плиток и балок: патент на изобретение

Translated title of the contribution: APPARATUS FOR MOUNTING PLATES AND BEAMS: patent of invention

Research output: Patent


FIELD: construction.
SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction, namely the installation of floor slabs (roof slabs) and beams of buildings outside the coverage of the assembly crane. The apparatus for installation of slabs and beams comprising two movable supports, each of which is formed by spatial metal frames consisting of upper and lower parts, wherein the lower part of each support has a lock for fixing the latter to the horizontal rails, and the top part of each support is equipped with removable locks for temporarily securing the structure being installed and is mounted telescopically relative to the lower part with the possibility to move it vertically using the lifting device and lock it using the locking device.
EFFECT: possibility to mount slabs and beams in buildings for various purposes outside the coverage of assembly crane, without the use of electric drive, with a simultaneous reduction of boundaries of the danger zone formed in the course of installation works.
Translated title of the contributionAPPARATUS FOR MOUNTING PLATES AND BEAMS: patent of invention
Original languageRussian
Patent number2537439
IPCE04G 21/16
Filing date02/07/2013
Publication statusPublished - 10 Jan 2015

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