Translated title of the contribution: Fitness as a Technology of Prevention of Internet Addiction

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The article contains the results of an analytical study conducted on the basis of school 113 of Yekaterinburg on the availability and degree of development of Internet addiction of students. One of the pressing problems of our time is the search for opportunities to reduce computer addiction in adolescence, as well as improving the effectiveness of its prevention. The aim of the study is the development and testing of a social project using fitness technologies to prevent youth Internet addiction. When conducting the study, we used the following methods: analysis of theoretical sources on the topic of research; questionnaires and expert interviews; design and experimental, comparative data analysis; methods of mathematical statistics. The essence of the proposed Project is to help schoolchildren see the negative effects of Internet addiction and make up for the lack of physical activity, to engage in regular physical exercises, using the capabilities of street workout and aerobics. Work on the Project included a series of successive stages from the development of the Charter of the Project to measuring the effectiveness of the project. A survey of 250 students in grades 7-10 showed that the vast majority of high school students (88%) consider the Internet a useful discovery, 8% consider it a waste of time, and 4% say that they “do not care”. From the point of view of students, Internet addiction is “the inability to live without the Internet,” since “it is easier to do homework with the Internet,” “you can read everything there,” and more. The analysis of statistical data obtained from the mobile phones of the project participants showed that the amount of time spent on the Internet after the implementation of the project has changed. The results of the study showed that sports and fitness are prevention of Internet addiction of students.
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)107-114
Number of pages8
JournalФизическая культура. Спорт. Туризм. Двигательная рекреация
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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