A study of the development of innovative (disruptive) technologies in the light of the goals and objectives of sustainable development and the green economy was conducted. The existence of contradictory problems of human development hinders the achievement of sustainable development goals. The reasons that deter the development of innovative projects lie in their use in various areas of the green economy. The need for the introduction of information and communication technologies and intelligent management in the processes of the green economy is declared. It is necessary to consider the synergistic effects and complex risks that may arise due to the introduction of innovative technologies. The formulation of the concept of “innovative technologies of the green economy” should consider the effects of climate change. There is a necessity for stable and safe use of innovative technologies under changing guidelines and socioeconomic criteria. Using general logical methods, we established trends in the development of the energy sector during this period. Besides, we analyzed and specified the advantages and difficulties in the use of renewable energy sources. Therefore, we showed the impact of these factors on the socioeconomic sphere. Examples of disasters and emergencies in the critical infrastructure elements of the energy industry are provided. It is critical to develop complex models of innovative development of the structural aspects of the green economy, including the energy sector
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationUnlocking Digital Transformation of Agricultural Enterprises Technology Advances, Digital Ecosystems, and Innovative Firm Governance
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EditorsVladimir I. Trukhachev
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Publication statusPublished - 6 Jan 2023

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