Вовлечение молодежи в деятельность студенческих отрядов: современные подходы
: магистерская диссертация

Translated title of the thesis: Involvement of young people in the activities of student groups: modern approaches: Master's thesis

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The formation and development of any state is connected with the integration of young people into the socio-political and socio-cultural activities of the country. The student part is a group with special working conditions, leisure activities, a system of values and interests. The relevance of the study lies in the decrease in the number of candidates for the movement of student detachments over the past five years as a result of a decrease in the motivation of students to join the movement of student detachments. Over the past 5 years, UrFU student teams have been losing popularity every year, fewer and fewer talented guys are starting to move, and for many it seems outdated, thereby reducing the quality of work and the prestige of the organization. The theoretical basis of the dissertation research is the works of domestic and foreign scientists studying the potential of the movement of student groups and their impact on modern students. The problem of the study is the need to adjust the approaches of involving young people in the activities of student groups. The hypothesis of the study is based on the assumption that if a program is implemented in the activities of the headquarters of student detachments, including modern forms of advertising and agitation of the movement of student detachments, training of leaders of student detachments on the basics of youth involvement, changes in the organizational management of the movement of student detachments, a set of measures to improve the image of student detachments, it will be possible to observe an increase in the number of candidates in motion.
Date of Award2022
Original languageRussian
Awarding Institution
  • Ural Federal University
SupervisorАлександр Владимирович Пономарев (Supervisor)

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