Проектирование технологического процесса обработки корпусной детали высокой сложности типа «Крышка раздаточной коробки с лебедкой» с элементами исследования средств технологического обеспечения операций в условиях автоматизированного производства
: магистерская диссертация

Translated title of the thesis: Designing a Process for Processing a Case Part of High Complexity of the Type “Transfer Case Lid with a Winch” with elements of researching the means of technological support for operations in automated production: Master's thesis

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In this dissertation was designed technological process and were optimized of cutting conditions. The dissertation consists of the following parts: Technological which includes: Detail design description; Production type determination; Concept of machining parts; The choice of the type of workpiece and the parameter of its receipt; the design of the workpiece and the definition of total allowances for processing; preparation of treatment plans for each surface in accordance with the processing steps; the development of the route, including the assignment of base surfaces, the choice of machine equipment and tooling; modeling sketches for each operation; determination of operational tolerances and allowances for surfaces to be treated; Determination of the operating dimensions of the treated surface; selection of processing modes; determination of time norms for each operation; execution of working technological documentation. Design which includes: Determination of the required strength of fastening (Force calculation); Selection and calculation of the drive device; The design of the device; Precision fixture analysis; Design control device; Registration of working design documentation. Research which includes: Optimization of cutting conditions during milling; Optimization of cutting conditions when machining with various cutters; The calculation of the basic time for optimized cutting conditions; Change in durability with optimized cutting conditions; The calculation of the number of machined parts with optimized cutting conditions. The thesis project shows: Graphic part of A1-12 format sheets; Figures –29; Tables –41; Formulas –53; Bibliography –11.
Date of Award2019
Original languageRussian
Awarding Institution
  • Ural Federal University
SupervisorАлексей Сергеевич Смагин (Supervisor)

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