31 Camelopardalis

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Período1 jul 2019

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Contribuciones de los medios

  • Nombre31 Camelopardalis
    Grado de reconocimientoInternational
    Nombre/canal del medio de comunicaciónWikipedia
    Tipo de medio de comunicaciónWeb
    Descripción31 Camelopardalis is a binary star system in the northern circumpolar constellation of Camelopardalis. It is visible to the naked eye as a dim point of light with a peak apparent visual magnitude of +5.12.[9] Parallax measurements provide a distance estimate of approximately 460 light years away from the Sun,[1] and the system is drifting closer to the Earth with a radial velocity of −3 km/s.[6]
    PersonasЕкатерина Анатольевна Аввакумова