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The Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is a subdivision of Ural Federal University, which engages in educational, scientific, innovative, social and educational activities. The fundamental nature, a lot of practical tasks, involvement of scientists, and the students’ participation in scientific activities are the keys elements of our education.

The integration of education and research ensures the competitiveness of graduates in employment market in the field of natural science and related applied areas. An important task of the Institute is to attract talented young people to form a community of teachers, students and graduates.
Our student community includes winners and prize-winners of National Olympiads and competitions in Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy, and prize-winners of world championships in programming and information security.
Our graduates are experts in such fields as high technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, space, military defence, clinical diagnostics and genetics. They work in institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, research and expert laboratories, industrial corporations, leading computer companies and universities in Russia and abroad.
The Institute conducts fundamental and applied research, carries out expertise in different areas, including education. It integrates specialists in the international academic community, initiates and implements international research projects. The Institute provides work centres for collective use and popularizes scientific knowledge among the population. The main research areas of the Institute are:
• Mathematical and computer modelling of physicochemical processes in multiphase media;

• Mathematical modelling in physiology and medicine;

• Theory of automata and formal languages;

• Advanced materials, nanotechnology and physical instrument making;

• Bioresources, biotechnologies, physiology and fundamental medicine, bioinformatics;

• Information and telecommunication systems;

• Information processing and analysis technologies;

• Space physics.
The research work is based in the departments, laboratories, Research Institute of Physics and Applied Mathematics, research and educational centres, collective use centres, Kourovka Astronomical Observatory, Botanical Garden, Biological Station, Centre for Fundamental Biotechnology and Bioengineering.


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    Resultados de investigaciones

  • 13CH3OH Masers Associated with a Transient Phenomenon in a High-mass Young Stellar Object

    Chen, X., Sobolev, A. M., Breen, S. L., Shen, Z. Q., Ellingsen, S. P., MacLeod, G. C., Li, B., Voronkov, M. A., Kaczmarek, J. F., Zhang, J., Ren, Z. Y., Wang, J., Linz, H., Hunter, T. R., Brogan, C., Sugiyama, K., Burns, R. A., Menten, K., Sanna, A., Stecklum, B. y 4 otros, Hirota, T., Kim, K. T., Chibueze, J. & Heever, S. V. D., 20 feb 2020, En : Astrophysical Journal Letters. 890, 2, 8 p., L22.

    Resultado de la investigación: Article

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    Отборочные лиги VIII Международного инженерного чемпионата "Case-in"

    Сергей Тихонович Князев (Chair of orgcommitee), Валентина Андреевна Овчинникова (Vice Chair of orgcommitee), Сергей Федорович Сарапулов (Vice Chair of orgcommitee), Станислав Андреевич Ерошенко (Member of orgcommittee), Алексей Владимирович Фаюстов (Member of orgcommittee), Дмитрий Алексеевич Бенеманский (Member of orgcommittee), Андрей Васильевич Полтавец (Member of orgcommittee), Павел Валерьевич Мезенцев (Member of orgcommittee), Дмитрий Олегович Лоевский (Member of orgcommittee), Антон Александрович Белов (Member of orgcommittee), Олег Юрьевич Шешуков (Member of orgcommittee), Михаил Викторович Вараксин (Member of orgcommittee), Илья Николаевич Обабков (Member of orgcommittee), Владимир Юрьевич Иванов (Member of orgcommittee), Александр Викторович Германенко (Member of orgcommittee), Сергей Евгеньевич Кокин (Member of orgcommittee), Сергей Алексеевич Бычков (Member of orgcommittee), Александра Ильмаровна Хальясмаа (Member of orgcommittee), Сергей Владимирович Данилов (Member of orgcommittee), Наталия Павловна Бельская (Member of orgcommittee), Ольга Владимировна Шабунина (Member of orgcommittee), Александр Олегович Егоров (Member of orgcommittee), Наталья Вадимовна Гончарова (Member of orgcommittee), Руслан Альбертович Вазиров (Member of orgcommittee), Василий Ильич Борисов (Member of orgcommittee), Константин Владимирович Серков (Member of orgcommittee), Кирилл Валентинович Гржегоржевский (Member of orgcommittee), Анна Александровна Членова (Member of orgcommittee), Дарья Викторовна Шатунова (Member of orgcommittee), Светлана Александровна Май (Member of orgcommittee), Виктор Васильевич Шимов (Member of orgcommittee), Мария Валентиновна Афанасьева (Member of orgcommittee), Елена Леонидовна Зиновьева (Member of orgcommittee)
    28 feb 202026 mar 2020

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    Международная научная конференция "Актуальные вопросы органической химии и биотехнологии"

    Василий Алексеевич Бакулев (Chair of orgcommitee UrFU), Михаил Викторович Вараксин (Vice Chair of orgcommitee UrFU), Татьяна Владимировна Глухарева (Vice Chair of orgcommitee UrFU), Дарья Павловна Тамбасова (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Максим Алексеевич Безматерных (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), М. С. Новиков (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Вячеслав Яковлевич Сосновских (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Ирина Сергеевна Киселева (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Елена Германовна Ковалева (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Максим Анатольевич Миронов (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Владимир Леонидович Русинов (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Алиса Николаевна Козицина (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Геннадий Леонидович Русинов (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Ирина Валерьевна Гейде (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Григорий Васильевич Зырянов (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Юлия Ивановна Нейн (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Татьяна Андреевна Калинина (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Константин Львович Обыденнов (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Ольга Сергеевна Тания (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Тимофей Дмитриевич Мосеев (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Олег Станиславович Ельцов (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Александр Викторович Пестов (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Юрий Маркович Шафран (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Олег Германович Макеев (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Елена Владимировна Садчикова (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Ирина Станиславовна Селезнева (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Вера Сергеевна Берсенева (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Татьяна Владимировна Березкина (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Мария Игоревна Токарева (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Мария Николаевна Иванцова (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Татьяна Александровна Поспелова (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Ольга Сергеевна Коптяева (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Ксения Игоревна Луговик (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Мария Федоровна Костерина (Member of orgcommittee UrFU), Олег Николаевич Чупахин (Member of programme committee UrFU), Валерий Николаевич Чарушин (Member of programme committee UrFU), Виктор Иванович Салоутин (Member of programme committee UrFU), В. Дехан (Member of programme committee UrFU), C. Oliver Kappe (Member of programme committee UrFU), Джин Фан (Member of programme committee UrFU), Наталия Павловна Бельская (Member of programme committee UrFU), В. Г. Ненайденко (Member of programme committee UrFU), А. Н. Масливец (Member of programme committee UrFU)
    6 abr 20209 abr 2020

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