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Nizhny Tagil technological Institute (branch) Ural Federal University (STI (branch) UFU) was founded in 1944 as the Nizhny Tagil industrial Institute. His main task at that time was the training of engineers for the restoration and development of destroyed by the great Patriotic war national economy. In 1947, the Institute became part of the Ural industrial Institute (now Urfu).

Over the years the Institute has trained more than 14500 engineers.

Today the Nizhny Tagil technological Institute (branch) of Ural Federal University is a large multidisciplinary higher education institution in Nizhny Tagil, one of the leading scientific centers of the Middle Urals. The faculties of higher professional education of STI (branch) UFU serves metallurgists, mechanical engineers, economists, specialists in automation and maintenance of equipment not only for the enterprises of the city, but of the whole Ural region.In addition, there are pre-University centers, secondary vocational education (Nizhny Tagil engineering College) and additional professional education.

More than 250 teachers, among them 13 doctors and 57 candidates of Sciences, more than 350 employees provide high-quality educational process 5,000 students.


STI (branch) of Ural Federal University is a 4 laboratory and scientific corps, more than 20 educational, research and development laboratories, computer centre, 19 departments, editorial and publishing Department, library and information centre with a collection of books and more than 160 thousand copies. The Institute also has a military Department that provides reserve officer training for the Russian army.

Fundamental and applied researches of scientists of the Institute are the basis of training. The main feature of these studies is their focus on achieving a specific result and the introduction of new technologies.

Among the teachers of the Institute – scientists of world renown, laureate of State premiums, premiums of the USSR Council of Ministers, awards them. Cherepanov, them. V. E. Grum-Grzhimailo, them. S. Mosin, medal of V. I. Vernadsky, the state scientific scholarship for outstanding scientists of Russia and other awards. The work of scientists of the Institute are published in Russia and abroad.


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