Research and development of new proton-conducting electrolytes with improved transport characteristics and chemical stability based on halogen-substituted complex oxides for medium-temperature electrochemical devices

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The main purpose of the Project is research and development of new proton-conducting electrolytes, possessing a complex of functional properties - high and stable values of proton conductivity, chemical and mechanical resistance. Such systems can find application as an electrolytic membrane in medium temperature SOFCs (500-700ºC), which are promising and environmentally safe energy sources of high efficiency.
The obtaining and studying of new halogen-substituted phases based on the double perovskite Ba2InZrO5.5 and the generalization of the results obtained earlier for halogen-substituted systems based on Ba2In2O5 brownmillerite and Ba2CaNbO5.5 perovskite will make it possible to reveal the fundamental laws and the mechanism of anionic doping in the oxygen sublattice of oxygen-deficient complex oxides.
Based on the studies of the crystal structure, transport, thermal, spectroscopic properties, the main regularities of proton conductivity formation and factors providing a significant level of electrolytic properties will be established. From the fundamental point of view, an important task will be solved to establish the relationship between the mobility of protons and such parameters as crystal-chemical features, the degree of ordering of the oxygen sublattice, the nature of the substituent halogen
Fecha de inicio / finalización efectiva30/06/201830/06/2020

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