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The article begins with an overview of identity research traditions in the national linguistics. Following the soft concept of identity, based on the works of Michel Foucault and Laclau/Mouffe, the author continues to develop discursive identity theory and defines the concepts of “identity” and “identification”. The article raises not the question of identity representation in the discourse, but how identity is structured in the discourse. For the first time it is suggested that identity (individual or group) should be treated as a set of identifications, organized in a discourse on the network principle. Semantics of identifications can be similar, complementary or mutually exclusive, but all identifications, that are structurally and semantically diverse, relate to the same discursive concept. Discourse identity is constructed by identifications of different subject areas, so discursive identity defining properties are dynamism, multiplicity, situationality. Identity analysis may relate both to research of network structure concept within a specific discourse and to consideration of its discursive practices constructing. Linguistic methods of identification are also discussed in the article; indicative, narrative and structural discursive identification mechanisms are listed. The suggested approach to the study of identity allows us to show its dynamic, “floating” nature, and, in particular, fixes the discursive struggle for identity semantic content. Identity as a discursive concept forms a unity not because of the semantic consistency of the statements, but of the simultaneous playback of identification practices of multiple values, entering into discursive competition for the “true” definition of identity. Theoretical propositions are based on the material of Russian media.
Título traducido de la contribuciónIdentity as a discursive concept and discursive identification mechanisms
Idioma originalRussian
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PublicaciónПолитическая лингвистика
EstadoPublished - 2016


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