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The principle of individualization is hard to realize due to the lack of the core criterion of individualization of training and competitive processes on the highest level of sportsmanship. The offered single criteria like view of the level of development of physical qualities, technical and tactical skills, typological and psychological indices have a drawback - they fail to promote allocation of the necessary level of its improvement and perfection. Sports result planned for the current season, 2-year, 4-year training cycle, for certain competitions is assumed to be a core criterion of the process of individualization. In this case it is clear what kind of physical conditions and level of technical mastership are necessary to achieve the quoted sports result, what kind of psychological work is to be performed so that an athlete could realize his physical and technical abilities. This hypothesis promoted creation of the model of individualization of the training process of elite athlete. Research methods. The combination of methods used to solve set tasks included: theoretical analysis and generalization of the scientific-method data; psychological and pedagogical tests, questionnaire, experiment, modeling and forecasting. The subjected model of individualization based on the planned for the season result facilitates allocation of criteria of improvement of physical, technical and psychological indices to achieve planned result. It creates preconditions for planning of training and competitive activities founded on specific criteria of perfection of these or those indices. Realization of the model of individualization of training process has proved its sufficient effectiveness in training elite athletes for international competitions.
Título traducido de la contribuciónIndividualization in training elite rock climbers
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PublicaciónТеория и практика физической культуры
EstadoPublished - 2012


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