Инженерная методика выбора устройства отсчета перемещений рабочих органов станков с ЧПУ

Яков Львович Либерман, Лариса Н. Горбунова

Resultado de la investigación: Articlerevisión exhaustiva


An indicator of the quality of CNC machines and their control systems is the contour accuracy, which is determined by two components: the accuracy of signaling that the moving working body of the machine reaches a point with a given coordinate, as well as the accuracy of executing the stop command, due to the inertia of the actuators. The article presents the choice of a device for counting the movements of the working bodies of a machine with a non-locking gear and a torque motor. It is shown that with a fairly low required accuracy of positioning the working body of the machine, it is possible not to take into account the error of the gear ratio of the mechanical transmission from the sensor used in the reference device to the lead screw or other converter "angle of rotation-linear displacement". When using the movement reference device in CNC machines, it is necessary to adjust the sensor as accurately as possible in the middle of the sample.
Idioma originalRussian
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EstadoPublished - 2021



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