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Object: the improvement of model of state medical institution management. Aim: the scientific substantiation, development and involvement of complex model of quality management in the state medical organization, integrating economical, marketing and psychological technologies, assuring competitive advantage and development of the institution. The main idea: the use of integrational method in the creation of complex model of quality management of medical care in dental institutions, consisted in integration of economical, marketing and psychological technologies. Methodology: - The unity of consciousness and activity principle (A.N. Leont'ev, S.L. Rubinstein and others.) - The systemic principle (P.K. Anohin, V.P.Kuzmin, B.F.Lomov and others) - The determinism principle ( A.V.Brushlinskiy, L.S. Vigotskiy, A.V.Petrovskiy and others) - The development principle (B.G. Aganiev, L.I. Anciferova, L.I. Bozovich and others Results: Integrational method creates the scientific base for unification of the leading efficiency factors of medical help: economical, marketing, psychological. The quality management model of medical help considers the specific of the activities of the state medical organization and is determined by the peculiarities of composition of the patient population in need of medical care, profile structure of institution, orientation on the main needs of population, and psychoemotional stability of specialists. Conclusion: Theoretical analysis of the problem of quality management of medical care showed that current models and methods directed on the improvement of medical care and service have contradictory character and based not only on final result and economic efficiency criteria (professional, administrative model), but on process using complex of measures directed on more efficient and resultative activity of organization (industrial model). The state politics to improve the quality of medical care and to create the market of medical service and competitive environment in health care offer to use as scientific methods and practical instruments: licensing, standardization, accreditation and competency analysis of specialists and their personal, professional efficiency.
Título traducido de la contribuciónIntegrational method in complex model formation of quality management of medical car
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PublicaciónУральский медицинский журнал
EstadoPublished - 2018


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