FIELD: physics. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to radiation-resistant photonic crystal fibers for a wavelength of 10.0 mcm, in which the single-mode operation is observed due to the influence of two mechanisms: photonic band gap (PBG) and total internal reflection (TIR). Infrared light guide with a large mode field diameter includes a core with a central rod, a cladding consisting of rods of the same diameter, according to the invention, a core with a diameter of 172.0–188.0 mcm, a central core with a diameter of 13.0–19.0 mcm and eight rods of the same diameter are arranged in octagonal order in a shell with a diameter of 0.24–0.26 mm at a distance of 67.0–69.0 mcm between their centers, the central rod is made of solid solutions of silver bromide – monovalent thallium iodide in the following ratio of components, wt. %: silver bromide 79.6–80.4; monovalent thallium iodide 20.4–19.6, the core and the shell are made of crystals of solid solutions in the following ratio of components, wt. %: silver bromide 81.6–82.5; monovalent thallium iodide 18.4–17.5, the cores in the shell have a composition in the following ratio of components, wt. %: silver bromide 83.6–84.5; monovalent thallium iodide 16.4–15.5. EFFECT: increase in the field diameter of the IR fiber mode for the detection of exoplanets.
Título traducido de la contribuciónInfrared light guide with large diameter of mode field: patent of invention
Idioma originalRussian
Número de patente2682603
CIPG02B 6/02,C03C 13/04
Fecha de introducción02/04/2018
EstadoPublished - 19 mar 2019

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