Исследование трудовой мотивации дизайнеров: магистерская диссертация

Resultado de la investigación: Master's Thesis


The object of work is the motivation of work.
The subject is labor motivation of designers with different work experience and level of training.
The purpose of this work is to study the motivation of designers.
For the empirical study, methods were used: A. Maslow "Pyramid A. Maslow", F. Herzberg "Methodology for determining motivation in work", K. Zamfir "Methodology for studying the motivation of professional activity" and D. McClelland "Theory of motivation".
As a result of the study, the following results were obtained. Primary role for designers is played by: internal motivation, work content, financial motives and the tendency towards affiliation (group recognition and respect).
Internal motivation and content of work can be, as the result of work itself, the experience and skill gained, as well as the actual performance of the order.
Financial motivations, the less interest designers have for the content of work and internal motivation, the less designers consider it necessary to invest in work and interact with someone, while doing work, for example, if you have to share someone's bet. From this we can draw the following conclusion: the designers are either unhappy with what is happening at work / their skills, or the training on these points affects.
If the tendency towards affiliation (group recognition and respect) is strongly pronounced this may be due to the fact that working designers are more likely to be awarded the respect of their colleagues. If the designer has already found a decent job, then the inner motivation and content of the work becomes less important for him. From this one can infer, when he was a student for him, was the most important content of the work and find his own style of doing the work.
The designer, by changing the focus of his attention to external experiences, or by going into extraneous meditation outside of work that is not relevant to the actual life situation, subject themselves to the manifestation of negative emotional manifestations. It is of great importance to do the work "for yourself", than for the sake of career or group recognition as well as inversely.
Título traducido de la contribuciónStudy of motivation for designers: Master's thesis
Idioma originalRussian
CalificaciónMaster of Science
Institución adjudicadora
  • Ural Federal University
  • Печеркина, Анна Александровна, Supervisor
EstadoPublished - 2018

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