Конструкция фотоэлектрического модуля космического базирования: патент на изобретение

Resultado de la investigación: Patent


FIELD: energy.
SUBSTANCE: invention relates to design of space-based photovoltaic module. Photovoltaic module includes lower protective coating, on which by means of polymer film silicon solar cells with antireflection coating are attached, and located above front surface of solar cells top protective coating, which is connected with solar cells by intermediate film made from optically transparent polymer material. On side of front surface of solar cells and antireflection low-reflection coating of solar cells includes optically active transparent polymer containing anti-stokes luminophor. Top and bottom protective coatings are made of optically active oxygen-containing materials of monocrystalline α-Al2O3-x type, capable of luminescence, accumulation and display of light at natural optical and thermal stimulation.
EFFECT: high efficiency during operation in cycle of sunlight - darkness.
Título traducido de la contribuciónSPACE-BASED PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULE DESIGN: patent of invention
Idioma originalRussian
Número de patente2584184
CIPH01L 31/041,H01L 31/055
Fecha de introducción20/11/2014
EstadoPublished - 20 may 2016


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