Борис А. Канцельсон, Марина Петровна Сутункова, Лариса Ивановна Привалова, С. Н. Соловьева, В. Б. Гурвич, Татьяна В. Бушуева, Рената Р. Сахаутдинова, Ирина Евгеньевна Валамина, Олег Германович Макеев, Илья Владимирович Зубарев, Ильзира Амировна Минигалиева, Светлана Владиславовна Клинова, Владимир Яковлевич Шур, Юлия Витальевна Грибова, А. Е. Царегородцева, А. В. Коротков, Е. А. Шуман, Екатерина Владимировна Шишкина

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The article presents in an experiment obtained principal results based on repeated low-level inhalation exposures of laboratory animals (white rats, outbred) to nickel oxide nanoparticles with a diameter of (23 ± 5) nm, 4 hours a day, 5 times a week for up to 10 months in a «nose only» installation. It was shown that non-specific body reactions to the action of NiO NPs include: diverse manifestations of systemic toxicity with a particularly pronounced influence on liver and kidney function, redox balance, damage to some areas of brain tissue, associated with proven movement of the nanoparticles themselves from the nasal mucosa along the olfactory tract; some cytological signs of probable development for allergic syndrome; paradoxically low severity of pulmonary pathology by pneumoconiotic type explained by a small chronic delay of nanoparticles in the lungs; the genotoxic effect of the organismal level, even at those low levels of chronic exposure, at which systemic toxicity is rather poorly. Along with that, NiO NPs also induce phase-stimulation of erythropoiesis, which is relatively specific for the toxic nickel effects.
Título traducido de la contribuciónToxic effects assessment of nickel oxide nanoparticles by inhalation
Idioma originalRussian
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PublicaciónЗдоровье населения и среда обитания
N.º12 (309)
EstadoPublished - 2018


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