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The article is devoted to the representation of the concept of fear in modern media. The identified lexical paradigm of the concept of «fear», including words nominees concept (including foreign), their derivatives of different parts of speech, metaphorical nomination. The concept is presented as a multidimensional semantic education, which allocates conceptual, figurative and value components. The conceptual sides of the concept of «fear» reflect the identity, of the word - the nominees of the concept, its systematic synonyms in the dictionary definitions. Displaying the words «fear» at different stages of development of the Russian language is reduced to the semantics of «anxiety». The content of the concept is expanded guidance on the sources, abuses fear, due to the new differential characteristics for representation using morphological tokens. Individual media texts called state of the investigation of fear. Demonstrate the existence of positive connotations, associated with semantic «prospects conquered fear». Shaped component concept includes associative - shaped signs that stand out when comparing direct and mobile values in the analysis of metaphors and idioms. A moral aspect of the concept is subjective fear. Assessment of fear in media texts refers the reader to the political, economic and social developments.
Título traducido de la contribuciónOn the Representations of the Concept of Fear in Modern Media
Idioma originalRussian
Páginas (desde-hasta)44-49
PublicaciónНаучные исследования и разработки. Современная коммуникативистика
EstadoPublished - 2015


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