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The article is a linguistic study of the national-civil identification of the Russians. The theoretical basis of the research is a “soft” concept of identity, which emphasizes variability, fragmentation and plurality of identity, which has only symbolic (discursive) dimension. It is proposed to consider the national-civil identity of the Russians in the media texts as an independent discursive concept, analytically distinguishable from similar but not identical “ethnos” and “nation” concepts. The practices of national-civil identification are analyzed in connection with the concept of “information warfare” on the material of the most cited Russian media (according to Medialogy). Its presence causes the systematic construction of the media discourse reality, in which the image of the enemy is created, and for the media audience the role of the victim of hostile actions is constructed. The study showed that the national-civic identity of the Russians today is constructed mainly in the political and ideological directions. The wide dissemination of the meaning “Russia, Russians - a cohesive unity” on the whole political theme of Russian media discourse is revealed. Political trends noted as relevant to modern Russia (liberalism, fascism) are mentioned infrequently, and their political content is blurred, they are simply labeled as unacceptable. The political homogeneity of the Russians is associated with the figure of the President of the Russian Federation and is characterized by a cohesive unity in front of the hostile forces (West, liberal oppositionists). Foreign-policy identification represents Russia primarily as a state and is supported by “Russia-West” persistent opposition
Título traducido de la contribuciónPractices of political identification of Russians under the influence of “information warfare” media concept
Idioma originalRussian
Páginas (desde-hasta)96-107
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PublicaciónПолитическая лингвистика
EstadoPublished - 2017


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