Олег Игоревич Берг, Марат Абдуллович Ураксеев, Игорь Алексеевич Баженов

Resultado de la investigación: Article


The displacement transducer with magneto-optical method of collecting information about the movement of magnetic marks carriers is studied in this article. The article shows a block diagram of transducer, explained operating principle of function blocks contained in it. Transducer use optically transparent ferrite-garnet film as a sensitive element. Computer unit in this transducer contains a microcontroller which allows to change the limits of accuracy and processing speed depending on the specific task, and also to transfer information signals to an external processing device and display information. The suggested method for constructing displacement transducer is original. Authors detected the main parameter that determines sensitivity of the displacement transducer - a value of photocurrent. Shows the dependence of the magnetic field generated by a magnetic mark on the photocurrent. Reliable mathematical model allows to assess the impact of magneto-optical system parameters is obtain. Analysis of the mathematical model with the correct assumptions made for ideal case the minimal impact of external factors on the transducer static characteristic is held. This analysis shown how to get the best sensitivity of the photocurrent by move, assess physical limitations, as well as the parameters range of main functional blocks of the transducer. The following conclusions is obtain: determine the best angle between the polarizer and analyzer axes; determine the minimum wavelength of the recording periodic magnetic marks signal; determine the optimum of the active interaction length (the ferrite-garnet film width); shows impact of the constant Verde ferrite-garnet film and the magnetic marks carriers surface magnetization on the analyzed photocurrent. The article also shows how to increase transducer accuracy at magnetic marks periodic signal minimum wavelength. This method allows to determine displacement amount not only in accordance with the magnetic marks coordinate (coordinate of the minimum and maximum photocurrent), but also between them.
Título traducido de la contribuciónTeristics of displacement transducer with magnetic marks
Idioma originalRussian
Páginas (desde-hasta)93-99
PublicaciónЭлектротехнические и информационные комплексы и системы
EstadoPublished - 2013


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