The interatomic Auger transitions in compounds containing atomic components with core levels close in energy are studied theoretically and experimentally. The Coulomb transitions of a hole between such levels lead to a resonant enhancement of the Auger spectra (with respect to the energy difference between the levels). Interatomic Auger transitions involving high lying levels are formed by shaking up electrons due to the dynamic field of photo holes produced during the transition. These effects were observed experimentally in XPS and Auger spectra of CuInSe2 type materials.
Título traducido de la contribuciónResonance Interatomic Auger Transitions
Idioma originalRussian
Páginas (desde-hasta)68-72
Número de páginas5
PublicaciónПоверхность. Рентгеновские, синхротронные и нейтронные исследования
EstadoPublished - 2020


  • 29.00.00 PHYSICS

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