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The political situation in the Kingdom of France at the beginning of the 15 th century is considered. In 1417 there have been features of the dynastic crisis. There was only one minor heir, King Charles VI suffered from a disease, noble groups fought for power. To prevent the dynastic crisis, a procedure corresponding to the new conditions was needed to establish. The Ordinance of 1374, which defined the order of the regency for the period of growing of the future king, and the decisions of January 1393 formed on its basis, when the order of government at the time of illness of Charles VI first was settled, were taken into account. After several disease exacerbations of the King the Ordinance was amended in 1403 and 1405. Some responsibility for the crisis the King put on his wife, Isabella of Bavaria, so the queen, feel threatened, hurried to leave Paris. Gradually the part of the court nobility was grouped around the figure of Isabella of Bavaria. In France, in fact, turned out to be two capital cities: Paris, where were the King and deliberative organs of the central administration, and Vincennes, where Isabella of Bavaria and her court were. The article describes the split in the royal family and its implications for the political situation of the time.
Título traducido de la contribuciónHouse of Valois in the Early 15 th Century: Conflict in Background of Era
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