С. М. Тлеугабулов, Елеусиз Болатович Тажиев, Борис Сулейманович Тлеугабулов

Resultado de la investigación: Article


Dominating at present technology of steel production, comprising preliminary hot metal smelting following its oxidizing refinement, has considerable drawbacks and contradictions because of carbon overconsumption, losses of natural alloying elements, as well as formation of large amount of discharge gases and dust. Therefore, studies in the area of creation of alternative technology of reducing steel smelting are very actual. Presented theoretical statements based on comparative new views on direct reduction of metals by carbon according to donor-acceptor mechanism. Their practical application allowed to elaborate a methodic of forming ore-coal pellets made of fine oxide concentrates and carbon-containing reducing agent in stoichiometric mass proportions for specified degree of metals reduction. Fusion of preliminary reduced pellets excludes excessive carburization of iron and provides production of naturally alloyed steel which does not require deoxidation and degassing. The ability to implement the developed technology is proven by results of experiments, which comprised metallization following by reducing smelting of ore-coal pellets, prepared of three types of concentrates with additives of charcoal and lime in calculated proportions. A comparative analysis of traditional and proposed technologies of steel production made. It was shown, that the developed technology of reducing steel smelting provides an effective processing of complex iron ore raw materials.
Idioma originalRussian
Páginas (desde-hasta)40-48
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PublicaciónЧерная металлургия. Бюллетень научно-технической и экономической информации
EstadoPublished - 2018


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