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Recently, we have noted the active development of the insurance market in Russia. With the reduction of the number of insurance companies is observed positive dynamics of insurance premiums. Insurance market development promote new technologies, which are already actively implementing many insurance companies. Such innovations include the use of insurance companies in the “Internet” as a tool for sales of insurance products, which shows a positive trend. This article covered the major insurance companies and their activities in the social networks on the territory of the Russian Federation. Information base of research were the data of the official websites of insurance companies and their official community on social networks. Comparative analysis revealed the most active insurance companies are promoting their services in social networks and build ranking the popularity of social networks, which account selected insurance companies. This study aims to identify the problems of the insurance market development in the “Internet” network, in particular in its field such as social networks. The possible ways of solving the problems. Highlighted the positive and negative aspects of the development of social networks insurers. It focuses on the consideration of the prospects of development of the insurance market in the social networks.
Título traducido de la contribuciónSocio-economic aspects of insurance market: modern tools for promoting
Idioma originalRussian
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EstadoPublished - 2019

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