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RF Government Decree No. 782 «On water and wastewater schemes» together with the applicable Rules specifying a number of provisions of Federal Law «On water supply and wastewater disposal» are considered with relation to the problems that water companies are facing in the process of its implementation. Developing electronic models of water and wastewater systems is a task of the companies that are directly responsible for providing these services. Comparing to electronic models schemes are more general information structures. Models serve as data sources for scheming and allow predicting network development. In the process of data transfer from electronic models to network schemes the use of identical software is sufficient. To solve this problem geographic information systems that are optimal for making an inventory of the network elements are most appropriate. Herewith the software for math modeling shall be able to import the available data. The direct use of the imported model in calculations is possible only if we have relatively small-sized networks. For network model building it is reasonable to use specially configured software which is of prime importance for big cities. When choosing the software special attention shall be paid both to the possibility of communicating with the geographic information system at the data level and to the availability of means to provide for the adequacy of calculation models and simulated networks.
Título traducido de la contribuciónTools for developing schemes and electronic models of water and wastewater networks
Idioma originalRussian
Páginas (desde-hasta)74-78
PublicaciónВодоснабжение и санитарная техника
EstadoPublished - 2014

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