Исследование академической прокрастинации у студентов-психологов в связи с их смысложизненными ориентациями
: магистерская диссертация

Tesis doctoral: Master's Thesis


The object of the research was academic procrastination. The subject of the study was the connection between academic procrastination and life-meaning orientations and existential fulfillment in psychology students. The master's thesis consists of an introduction, two chapters, a conclusion, a list of references (105 sources) and an appendix. The volume of the master's thesis is 81 pages, which contain 11 tables and 1 figure. The introduction reveals the relevance of the research problem, the elaboration of the problematics, the goal and objectives of the research are set, the object and subject of the research are determined, the main and additional hypotheses are formulated, the methods and empirical base are indicated, as well as the stages of the research, scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance of the work. The first chapter includes a review of foreign and domestic scientific literature on the phenomenon of procrastination, various interpretations of this term are given, the study of procrastination is presented both within the framework of various psychological concepts and in modern research. The classification of procrastination is shown and considered, one of its most common forms, academic procrastination. Conclusions for the first chapter represent the results of the study of theoretical material. The second chapter analyzes and interprets the results of an empirical study of the relationship between academic procrastination and life-meaning orientations in psychology students. The chapter presents the correlation, factorial and regression analysis of the research results. The conclusions of the second chapter include the main findings of the empirical study. In the conclusion, in a generalized form, the results of the theoretical and empirical parts of the work, conclusions on the hypotheses put forward, and possible prospects for the further development of this problem are described.
Fecha de adjudicación2021
Idioma originalRussian
Institución adjudicataria
  • Ural Federal University
SupervisorОльга Сергеевна Виндекер (Supervisor)

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