Исследование личностных и поведенческих особенностей у невесток с разным отношением к свекрови
: магистерская диссертация

Tesis doctoral: Master's Thesis


The object of the study was the personal and behavioral characteristics of daughters-in-law.
The subject of the study was the relationship of indicators of personal (hardiness, psychological well-being, locus of control) and behavioral (coping strategies) features in daughters-in-law with a different attitude to mother-in-law.
The master's thesis consists of an introduction, three chapters, conclusion, list of references (62 sources) and an Appendix, including the forms of the applied techniques. The volume of the master's thesis is 101 pages, which contains 2 figures and 21 tables.
The introduction reveals the relevance of the research problem, the development of the problem, the purpose and objectives of the research, the object and subject of the research, the main and additional hypotheses are formulated, the methods and the empirical base are specified.
The first and second chapters include a review of foreign and domestic literature on the topic of the study. The first Chapter includes a description of intergenerational relationships in the family. The second Chapter includes a description of the structure of hardiness offered by S. Maddi, coping behavior, psychological well-being and locus of control in modern psychology.
Conclusions on the first and second chapters are the results of the study of theoretical material.
The third Chapter is devoted to the empirical part of the study. It describes the organization and methods studies and the results obtained for all methodologies used: "self-rating anxiety" C. D. Spielberger, "Scale of anxiety" (adapted of Y. L. Hanin), a Hardiness Test by S. Maddi (adapted by D. Leontiev, E. Rasskazova), "Scale psychological well-being," K. Riff (adapted N. N. Lepeshinskiy), the questionnaire "Locus of control" John. Rotter; and a technique designed to study behavioral characteristics: the questionnaire "Coping strategy" R. Lazarus. The Chapter also presents a comparative and correlation analysis of the results of the study.
The conclusions of Chapter 3 include the main results of the empirical study.
In conclusion, the results of the theoretical and empirical parts of the work, as well as conclusions on the hypotheses put forward, the practical significance of the study and the possible prospects for further development of this problem are described in a generalized form.
Fecha de adjudicación2018
Idioma originalRussian
Institución adjudicataria
  • Ural Federal University
SupervisorИрина Анатольевна Ершова (Supervisor)

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