Паралингвистические средства в смешанных текстах

: магистерская диссертация

Tesis académica: Master's Thesis


The thesis is dedicated to the specifics of Paralinguistics. In the research there discussed the features of paralinguistic devices in different types of mixed texts in English and Chinese, their impact on the verbal communication in both oral and written language. The structure of the work consists of two chapters: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part examines the theoretical background of the research, the basic concepts and essence of Paralinguistics, classification of paralinguistic devices, concept and essence of mixed texts and their variety. In the second chapter, on the basis of practical materials, there determined and analyzed, cases, the use of certain paralinguistic devices, their functions, interaction with the verbal component of the text and results. The main resultss of the thesis are presented and published in the scientific article "Non-verbal Communication in Business Relations with China" at the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Discovery Science Research" (Petrozavodsk, Russia, 2020). Awarded by Diploma I.
Fecha de adjudicación2020
Institución adjudicadora
  • Ural Federal University
SupervisorТамара Владимировна Куприна (Supervisor)

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Паралингвистические средства в смешанных текстах: магистерская диссертация
Казаченок, А. А. (Author). 2020

Tesis académica: Master's Thesis