Позиции Китая на мировых рынках сырья

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Tesis académica: Master's Thesis


The change in the country's specialization has become a determining factor in changing the position of China in the world raw materials markets. Over the past 40 years China had been providing the catching up strategy, which led to spectacular economic transformation. The transformations included the rapid economic growth and increase of the welfare of the people, which were achieved by structural changes in the economy. The purpose of the research is to study the changes in China's specialization in the international division of labor as one of the effects of the catching up strategy. The most effective way of structural transformation of the economy is the catching up strategy with attracting foreign direct investment. The history of China's catching up strategy contains several stages with the structural transformations. The reforms in foreign trade, investment, industry have influenced on changes in the structure of the economy. At the present time China has become a major exporter of FDI. The extraction of raw materials is the main direction of its investment. During an econometric assessment of the factors, which contribute to the welfare of the people of China, it was found that industrial exports had increasingly influenced. With the increase of industrial exports by 1%, per capita GDP in China is growing at $ 2.13 million. However, the results are preliminary due to the lack of observations and can be further refined. Measures to support Chinese industrial exports are aimed not only at increasing foreign trade, but also at developing domestic trade through the import of foreign technology and attracting foreign investment.
Fecha de adjudicación2020
Institución adjudicadora
  • Ural Federal University
SupervisorФарида Сабировна Губайдуллина (Supervisor)

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Позиции Китая на мировых рынках сырья: магистерская диссертация
Сейтова, Д. В. (Author). 2020

Tesis académica: Master's Thesis