Совершенствование оценки экономической эффективности внедрения энергосберегающих мероприятий
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Tesis doctoral: Master's Thesis


This paper examines the nature and characteristics of the introduction of energy-saving measures, formulates the basic concepts, goals for energy conservation, and also presents and compares the methods for assessing the economic efficiency of energy-saving measures in Russian research practice. The dynamics of energy prices in the Sverdlovsk region for enterprises are presented, a comparative analysis of price changes in this area and in the lending area has been conducted, also an empirical research was conducted to define which methodologies and indicators are used practically in the course of calculating the assessment of the effectiveness of introducing energy-saving projects. The proposed by us improvement of efficiency evaluation of introducing energy saving measures is presented. The approbation of the developed improvement also are presented.
Fecha de adjudicación2019
Idioma originalRussian
Institución adjudicataria
  • Ural Federal University
SupervisorОлег Владимирович Обухов (Supervisor)

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