Youth as a subject of politics: social well-being and strategies of political career in the context of civic activity

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The relevance is determined by the contradiction between the high level of readiness for socio-political activity of young people (including the development of professional political and leadership skills) and the low realization of potential in practice.
The interdisciplinary nature of the project is expressed in the fact that it covers several branches of humanitarian knowledge. The sociological component of the project is in conduct of research using quantitative and qualitative strategy, as well as generalization of data using modern methods of information processing; political science component is manifested in the analysis of the political system of society and its individual components as factors of civil and political socialization of youth; psychological component manifested in study of the subjective perception of the living conditions of young people and their impact on social and psychological health, life orientation, etc.
The scientific novelty of the research presented in the formulation of a new scientific idea: the choice of forms of political participation and the formation of strategies for the political career of young people depend on their social well-being, which has a complex, multicomponent structure and is diagnosed by a system of measured parameters.
The scientific significance of the project consists in proposing a theoretical and methodological concept of social well-being as a factor in the formation of strategies for a political career based on an activity and integrative approaches. This concept contributes to the development of sectoral sociological theories, especially the sociology of youth and political sociology, promotes the development of the leadership and civic activity theory, expanding its subject field through attention to socio-cultural and socio-psychological formation and strategies of political careers choice factors.
As a result of the project is proposed a predictive model of youth civic activity based on indicators of social well-being and factors of political career choice will be created. This model will allow to manage the process of involvement of the young generation in politics through the impact on the parameters of social well-being through certain measures of social policy aimed at young people.
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