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Scientific sources devoted to the governance of the human resources diversity within organization contain a number of arguments that confirm the advantage of using diversification management tools in the practice of personnel management. To date, there is a gap between theoretical research in the field of personnel management and measuring the employees’ diversification effectiveness. Practitioners need effective ways of forming a link between personnel policy and individual, group, and organizational indicators. In our opinion, a further step in the study of this area could include monitoring and evaluating the diversity management within different national cultures. The management of the personnel diversity is aimed at attracting, motivating and preserving human resources regardless of their origin, nationality and other personal qualities. Nowadays, the governance of the human diversity is becoming one of the priorities in the human resources management. The paper presents the results of a study conducted among line managers, human resource managers and specialists of the personnel departments of the Czech companies on the management of the human resources diversity. The authors of the paper focus their attention on identifying the features of the perception of diversification management by managers and specialists in the field of personnel management.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoIntroduction issues of the diversification management methods into the organizational practice of human resources management
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