А.А. Бакшаев, Н. М. Кулбахтин, Г. Х. Назарова, С. Н. Кулбахтин, Ф. Ф. Чингизов

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In the second half of the 18th century, the South Urals was the object of intensive construction of mining and metallurgical plants. The Demidovs, Osokins, Stroganovs, Shuvalovs, Tverdyshevs, Myasnikovs and other representatives of merchants, nobles, large and small-scale mining industrialists took part in mining development of the region. Active participation in mining development of the South Urals was taken by the family company of the Masalovs who came from the Tula arms settlement. Four brothers called Aleksey, Maksim, Ivan Senior and Ivan Junior started a family mining business in the central parts of the country as early as the 1720s. Within the Tula, Kaluga and Ryazan counties, they built 5 blast-furnace and drop-hammer plants. In the mid-18th century, the Masalovs moved to the Urals, where they built 8 and bought 1 blast-hammer and drop-hammer plants. Thus, at the dawn of the mining industry, the family company had 14 blast-furnace and drop-hammer plants. The Masalovs’ plants were well-equipped, stable functioning and highly productive. During the 13-year period, in the late 18th century (1783-1795) their Zlatoust, Ufaley and Nyazepetrovsk plants smelted 3,008,790, 845,124 and 937,190 poods of cast iron, respectively. In all, three Masalovs’ South Ural blast-furnace and drop-hammer plants had produced 4,791,104 poods of cast iron over these years. So, the Masalov dynasty made a significant contribution to the development of the South Ural mining industry in the 18th century, since every tenth pood of cast iron in the region was smelted at their plants.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoMasalovs’ Blast-Furnace and Drop-Hammer Plants in the South Urals in the 18th Century
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RevistaВестник Академии наук Республики Башкортостан
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