Духовная миссия русской дипломатии в Китае =《俄罗斯外交在中国的精神使命》: монография

Н. Я. Олесич, В. С. Мясников, Н. А. Самойлов, В. Г. Шаронова, Чжан Цзяньжун, З. С. Бочарова, Екатерина Сергеевна Хмелевская, М. Ю. Сорокина, Сергей Викторович Смирнов, М. В. Кротова, В. С. Колоколов, М. А. Коськова, М. М. Кононова, А. М. Абу Хаграс Абдель, Н. О. Свешникова, И. В. Чапыгин, А. Г. Конфисахор , И. Р. Хамзин, Чэнь Чжиган, Екатерина Сергеевна Хмелевская (Editor)Г. В. Вегера, Л. Э. Коржакова, М. Г. Яковлева, Н. Я. Олесич

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The present edition «Spiritual mission of Russian diplomacy in China» is the first publication concerning the spiritual environment of the Peter's Alma mater and its educational effect on the formation of high moral-ethic principles, unlimited devotion on university disciples to the spiritual Image of Russia. Acquaintance with this book will permit a reader not only to be plunged into a little known, strained, business-like and intellectual world of diplomats, graduates from the University, in China, but also to understand the dramatic situation, hostages of which they found themselves, as a consequence of revolutionary storms in Russia. The authors of the papers reveal unknown pages of life and vital activity of their heroes who were «social outcasts» in foreign country and remained to be guardians of Russian culture, Russian, spiritual ideal of the native University, feeling of their fatherland. The papers describing psychological peculiarities of an individual and properties of the character of St. Petersburg University students, which exerted influence on their diplomatic activities in China, will be of interest for the reader. The monograph is illustrated and written on the basis of rare archival materials and photo documents, including those from private collections. The book is addressed to a wide circle of readers, for those who are interested in diplomacy and history of the St. Petersburg State University.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoSpiritual mission of Russian diplomacy in China
Idioma originalRussian
Local da publicaçãoСанкт-Петербург
EditoraКультурный фонд "Знаменитые универсанты СПбГУ"
Número de páginas130
ISBN (impresso)978-5-98104-030-6
Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 2016


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