Сергей В. Филатов, А.И. Дагман, С. В. Мясоедов, Сергей Александрович Загайнов, Лариса Юрьевна Гилева

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Effective control of thermal state of a blast furnace (BF), considerably depending on the qualification of the technological personal, is an important condition for smelting of hot metal of required composition. Application of computer training systems (CTS) in the process of education of technological personal of BF shops is one of the effective methods of professional knowledge and skill perfection. The CTS, implemented at PAO NLMK, based on a model of thermal state of BF, elaborated in Ural Federal University and supplemented with the models of existing disturbances. Adjusting of dynamic characteristics accomplished on the base of regularity of heat- and mass exchange. According to the tasks of BF heat operative control, during the training at the CTS transient processes are studied through channels of BF thermal state control, skill is mastered to identify the tendencies of BF thermal state change in case of non-controlled disturbances action. Most important stage of the training - implementation of adequate solutions to compensate declination of BF thermal state parameters from the set-up level. The CTS implemented at PAO NLMK is operating in the mode of training and testing. The main parameters of BF operation for every particular scenario are displayed at a mnemonic diagram, which completely corresponds to the mnemonic diagram of particular BF. Within the frame of transient processes dynamics studies, tasks are stipulated to modify a BF thermal state by application of control programs. When a scenario of BF thermal state control in case of non-controlled disturbances action is realized, the process parameters change is imitated at the mnemonic diagram. It will be done in case of one of the following parameters change: coke quality change, reducibility change, iron ore material grain size change, distribution of ore by radius change. The CTS includes a module of administration, which allows collecting the statistics of tasks fulfilment by pupils and estimating the results according to accepted algorithm. The application of CTS enabled to perfect the competence of technological personal, which was expressed by declining of off-grade hot metal share
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RevistaЧерная металлургия. Бюллетень научно-технической и экономической информации
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Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 2019


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